Mandating uniforms in public schools

17-Jul-2017 18:57

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And the courts have allowed schools to adopt policies requiring students to conform to dress codes.

One’s style of dress is, of course, often a form of expression, a statement of one’s own persona, and that may be especially true for teenagers asserting their own stylistic preferences.

However, by mandating the written motto on the uniform shirts, the School policy compels speech.” – Excerpt from an opinion by the Ninth U. Circuit Court of Appeals on February 14, ordering a federal judge to conduct a new review of the school uniform policy at the Roy Gomm Elementary School in Reno, Nevada, challenged by the parents of a boy and a girl attending the school.

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And, as the federal appeals court decision quoted above shows, there are First Amendment risks even in mandating the use of a school motto that would seem to be inoffensive, if the message were evaluated in a public opinion poll.Implementation of a school uniform program can help meet these needs.